Wayne County Department of Health, Veterans & Community Wellness

No Wrong Door Resource Tool

The No Wrong Door concept is a helpful tool to assist Wayne County residents when accessing programs and services offered by the Department of Health, Veterans, and Community Wellness, such as juvenile youth programs, Head Start, WIC, medical and dental clinics, as well as burial and support services for veterans, to name a few.

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HVCW and Senior Programs Divisions
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4-H Career Exploration for youth MSUE
4-H Entrepreneurship for youth MSUE
4-H Financial Literacy for youth MSUE
4-H Tech Wizard Mentoring MSUE
4-H Workforce Preparation for youth MSUE
4-H Youth Development MSUE
Adult Day Foster Care /Group Homes Inspections Wellness
After Hours Emergency Response Wellness
After Hours Emergency Response Clinical
Bathing Beach Monitoring Wellness
Bed Bug, Mold, Rats, and Other Nuisance Complaints Wellness
Behavioral-24 Hour Residential Treatment Clinical
Behavioral-Community-Based Case Management and Relapse Prevention Clinical
Behavioral-Jail-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Domestic Violence Treatment Clinical
Body Art Wellness
Campgrounds, Permanent Wellness
Campgrounds, Temporary Wellness
Cause of Death Investigation MEO
Child Care Center Inspections Wellness
Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (CLPPP) Wellness
Childhood Lead Poisoning, Community Outreach and Lead Education Wellness
Children's Special Health Care Services (CSHCS) Wellness
Communicable Disease Wellness
Community Food Systems MSUE
Community Prosperity MSUE
Community Wellness (Community Development Block Grant) Wellness
Counseling MEO
Cremation Permits MEO
Disease Prevention; Dining with Diabetes MSUE
Disease Prevention; National Diabetes Prevention Program MSUE
Disease Prevention; Personal Action Toward Health (PATH) for Chronic Pain MSUE
Disease Prevention; Personal Action Toward Health (PATH) for Diabetes MSUE
Early Childhood Education MSUE
Early On Program Wellness
Emergency Preparedness, General Program Wellness
Emergency Preparedness, Medical Reserve Corps Wellness
Exploration Days MSUE
Financial Literacy & Homebuyer Education; Foreclosure prevention and Home retention MSUE
Financial Literacy & Homebuyer Education; Money Management MSUE
Financial Literacy & Homebuyer Education; Pre-purchase/homebuyer education MSUE
Food Inspection, Food Safety Classes Wellness
Food Inspection, General Program Wellness
Food Inspection, Restaurant Plan Review Wellness
Food Inspection; Restaurant Complaints and Food Borne Illness Wellness
Food Inspection; Temporary Food Licenses Wellness
Food Inspection; Restaurant Licenses Wellness
Food Inspection; STFU (Special Transitory Food Unit) Wellness
Food Safety/Food Preservation; Cottage Food Law MSUE
Food Safety/Food Preservation; Food Safety MSUE
Food Safety/Food Preservation; Put It Up! Food Preservation for Youth MSUE
Food Safety/Food Preservation; Serv Safe Food Handlers MSUE
Food Safety/Food Preservation; Serv Safe Manager Certification MSUE
Federally Qualified Health Care Center Clinical
Government & Public Policy MSUE
Head Start JYS
Health and Nutrition; Eat Healthy, Be Active MSUE
Health and Nutrition; Show Me Nutrition MSUE
Health Choice ATC
HealthChoice Senior Dental ATC
HealthChoice Senior Prescription Savings Program ATC
HealthChoice Senior Vision ATC
HealthChoice Welcome Dental ATC
Healthy Living; Diabetes Education Programs MSUE
Healthy Living; Managing Chronic Pain Program MSUE
Hearing and Vision Wellness
Horticulture MSUE
Immunizations; Appointments for Pediatric and Adult Vaccines Wellness
Immunizations, School Reporting Program Wellness
Immunizations, Vaccine Quality Assurance and Vaccine for Children Programs Wellness
Immunizations; Waivers to Vaccines Wellness
Indigent Burial MEO
Safe Sleep Matters Wellness
Jail Medical Health Clinical
Jail Mental Health Clinical
Juvenile Detention Facility JYS
Juvenile Detention Facility Clinical
Juvenile Justice, Care Management Organization Program JYS
Juvenile Justice, First Contact JYS
Juvenile Justice, Youth Assistance and Diversion Program JYS
Master Gardener MSUE
Medico-legal and Hospice Seminars MEO
Mold Complaints Wellness
MSU Product Center MSUE
Natural Resources; Angler Education MSUE
Natural Resources; Archery MSUE
Natural Resources; Great Lakes Education Program MSUE
Natural Resources; Stepping Stones Outdoor Education Program MSUE
Nutrition and Physical Activity; Fuel Up to Play 60 MSUE
Nutrition and Physical Activity; Healthy Eating Adds Up MSUE
Nutrition and Physical Activity; Healthy Foods, Healthy Families MSUE
Nutrition and Physical Activity; Spartan Performance MSUE
Nutrition and Physical Activity; Today’s Mom MSUE
On-Site Sewage, New and Replacement Permits Wellness
On-Site, Point of Sale Program Prior to Sale of Property Wellness
On-Site Water (Residential and Public) Wellness
Pool Inspection Program Wellness
Rabies Wellness
Radon Wellness
Respiratory Disease (TB) Wellness
Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) MSUE
Sea Grant MSUE
Smoke Free Air Law Wellness
Social and Emotional Health; ABC's of Bullying MSUE
Social and Emotional Health; Co-parent Communication Coaching (CCC) MSUE
Social and Emotional Health; Kids First, Mom and Dad We Need You MSUE
Social and Emotional Health; RELAX: Alternative to Anger MSUE
Social and Emotional Health; Stress Less with Mindfulness MSUE
Soldiers and Sailors Relief & Michigan Veterans Trust Fund Veterans
STDs & AIDS Counseling and Testing (HIV,AIDS) Wellness
Summer Food Program Wellness
Ticks-Lyme Disease Wellness
Warrant Enforcement Bureau (WEB) JYS
Healthy Families America Wayne Wellness
Wayne County Sheriff's Tether Program Clinical
West Nile Virus and Zika Virus Wellness
WIC Program Wellness
Senior Citizen Nutrition Program Seniors


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